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Brighton is a truly unique city on the south coast of England which has a lot to offer. Even if one day trip to Brighton might not be enough to see everything, you can still catch the glimpse of the pretty coast and feel the happy Brighton vibe

Located only one hour south from London by train, Brighton is a popular tourist destination. A day trip to Brighton from London is a frequent choice actracting over 10 million one day-visitors every year.

So now you know that a day trip to Brighton is a must for anyone visiting England, here are the things that you should not miss out

Visit the Royal Pavilion

One of the very interesting places to see in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion. It’s an incredible building located in the heart of the city, built-in 1787. King George IV ordered to build it as his seaside pleasure house during the fashionable Regency era. Now, it’s recognized as an icon of Brighton and must-see Brighton attraction for many tourists. The perfect excuse to enjoy the cultural side of the city.

The famous Brighton Pier

You can’t visit Brighton and not walk along this lovely pier. It’s a typical British seaside pier opened in 1899, which has become one of the biggest attraction on the seaside, and for many a proper symbol of the city. Spending some spare change on the coin-op games inside is a must.

Chill on the Brighton beach

The beach in Brighton is wide and long but full of pebbles. Brighton’s beach may not be sandy but It was voted one of the Top 10 city beach destinations in the world. A wonderful walk along its promenade is the best way to enjoy attractions like the West Pier, the inside-out house or the colourful hove beach huts

Conquer the Brighton´s sky

British Airways i360 is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. It

gives you a gorgeous view of the ocean and the coastline. This is for us a special romantic thing to do in Brighton.

Wondering around the Lanes

The Lanes are a few narrow laneways located in the History Quarter of Brighton. One of the best thigs to do in Brighton is for sure exploring this area.

The Brighton Lanes is famous for its Bohemian feel and you can find plenty of inspiring street art and murals amount the buildings in that área. There are also plenty of antique shops and jewellery along with fashion boutique and various shops.

You will find many cafes and restaurants as well where you can sit and relax after exploring the city.

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